Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Happy Fucking Day, dudes!

Today was a really happy day! And here's a quick synopsis of what made it so happy:

• I finally grew some ovaries and started subbing for real. I worked a few days this week, and signed up for four days next week. It's not the best job ever, but it makes me worry a lot less about us having enough money.

• My Saturday morning ceramics class I teach went really well, the kids made really awesome little clay creatures and were way into it, too, which doesn't happen sometimes with that project.

• I didn't really need any coffee this morning! This was very happy, because usually if I don't get my fix I'm ready to fall over. Though I did end up drinking some, because that shit's gooooood.

• My mother-in-law sent me a giftcard to get some maternity clothes. Right now I'm living in the one pair of maternity pants that fit me (my sister lent them to me, and a pair of jeans, but the jeans are so fuckign fally-downy that they make me want to rip them off my body whenever I wear them), sweatpants, and a pair of leggings. Yaaay pants that fit - I can now re-enter society!

• I went to JoAnn's fabric to find material to make Christmas ornaments as a thank-you gift for my mother-in-law, and I found some wicked awesome fabric on sale, and a sweet pattern (the pink dress on the left) to use it in.

• We made the world's tastiest soup! I've been wanting to make minestrone forever, and I based my recipe on this one at Simply Recipes (if you don't know the site, it's the best food/recipe blog evar. For reals.), but took out the potatoes and added kale, frozen peas, some rosemary instead. We ate it over some leftover brown rice from a few days ago, and holy crap, it's good! It makes a shit-ton, so we'll have leftovers for like weeks, aaaaand the Mister made these insanely tasty croutons to go with it - made from homemade white bread, natch (Yes, this is what happens when you live with a grad student and you work part-time yourself - crazy good food).

• I've been feeling the little Future Baby/Cletus the Fetus wiggle around like crazy pretty much every time I'm sitting or lying down. SO sweet! It is the nicest part of being pregnant, hands down.

On a semi-related note, here's a picture I took for a friend (one of the few who actually reads this piece of crap), because she lives far away and wanted to see my new tummy. There was a woman at the farmer's market today who told me my tummy is so cute that she almost abandoned her stall to come pat it. And that my legs are still "so skinny, which just isn't right" - I said thanks, though I think that was the first time I've been insulted and complimented at the same time. People are crazy when you have a pregnant tummy. But I digress...

Anyhoo, I have to go watch Russian Dolls with the Mister - nothing like crappy, fluffy foreign movie to end a really good day...stay tuned, because Christmas ornaments are only the beginning of the holiday crafting insanity I'm planning!


Oh yeah, bee-atches!

This is what happens when you abuse pee-n-see tests and your husband.

Aaah, so we finally came clean with the friends this week and told them all I'm pregnant with Cletus the Fetus (aka Fetus Face, but that's a little off-color, isn't it? Though, if our child is anything like us, I think it will find the nickname amusing someday). The future baby is due mid-February, and I'm just saying no to the medical field of obstetrics (aka institutionalized misogyny) and going with a midwife. Luckily, we have really good health insurance (thanks grad student union!) and the University has an actual School of Midwifery. We got to hear the heartbeat at an appointment earlier this week, it was really awesome, though it made me giggle, which made the microphone freak out.
So yeah, six more months of hanging out with someone growing in my tummy, and then the rigors of parenthood get to hit us like a ton of bricks. Yaaaay future babies!



Angel is my most favorite-ist teevee show pretty much ever. Joss Whedon is the dude who made it, and well, I think this is why I like Angel so much - he's a smart dude.


Cute Shit.

Nina is very sad that she has to stay in when I get to go out. Though she's lucky because we actually installed that there screen door just for her.

Not that my actual shit is cute. aaaaahahaha, that joke gets them every time, I swear.
Ahem. Anyhoo, the pot garden is doing well, though we've had to carry it inside a few times because it's been getting really cool at night. We made pesto with the 10 leaves of basil from the silly Dr. Suess-looking plant I somehow managed to keep alive all winter, and some salad with our lettuces. The Mister really likes his rocket/arugula, though I think that stuff tastes like shit (well, actually just rotten lettuce. Some guy at the farmer's market told the Mister that it's because I haven't had good rocket before, but that's not true, my tastebuds just don't get along with it).

I made some cards for the weddings we've been invited to this summer, so if you're getting married this summer, and invited us to your wedding, well, just pretend to be surprised when you open the envelope up, thanks.

They turned out well, I think. And considering they were made with fabric scraps, cardstock left over from my wedding and magazine pages, they don't look too homemade or I just have to paint picture frames and finish the prints I made for all of the brides and grooms.

Last cute shit thing...I have all these japanese lanterns that we never used for the wedding, and I had this vision of a bunch of them over the dining room table. The Mister put them up a few weeks ago, but they weren't exactly how I wanted them, so he tried again, and we realized that maybe I should just be doing it because I was giving him directions about making them look "organic" and "asymmetrical", and he doesn't know what those words mean. So I did and
now it's like we have a permanent collection of balloons in our apartment!

Okay, off to lounge or make more cute shit. Next up is more cards and putting fabric appliques on some onesies for our friends who are going to have a baby next month...


Dare I say it? ... it's (acting like) spring!

My niece has nothing to do with this post. She's just cute, yo.
She is a spring baby, so I guess that counts...

Man oh man, how excited am I about the fact that it's finally nice out in Ann Arbor? We just got back from Lowe's (had some money on a gift card), where we got some potting soil and rocks for a....POT GARDEN! Okay, it's actually a "container garden", but calling it a pot garden is much funnier, especially when I reference it in casual conversation.

Anyhoo, once I'm done digesting my hummus (made this morning, I'm so channeling Martha Fucking Stewart today), gardening will commence. The poor mister had a fever yesterday and is feeling better, but not 100%, so the invalid may sit out on the porch with a blanket while I'm doing the work. And if planting finishes fairly quickly, I may be able to squeeze in some sewing also...


Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck

Can I say "Fuck the Supreme Court" on the internets??

This is a good link with more info about the ruling, and I have to say I am impressed with Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's dissent. Sadly, it's in the minority. Again, fuck fuck fuck.


Everything's coming up Coco

me and the mister after sushi, and with beers.

I was visiting various and sundry relatives, hence the lack of "posting". Also, I haven't put any interesting photos from my camera up, so that's another reason right there.

Some nice things I was really happy about yesterday:
• My mom finished making a scarf for me and it's my favorite color combo ever (see previous post)!

• I have a job! Granted, it's for a summer camp and will only last for about 4 months total, but hey, it's fucking Michigan, so I should be happy I'm employed at least somewhat (I am).
• Nina the cat started eating canned food! She went to the vet on Thursday so I could talk to someone about making cat food for her, and it was discovered she's up to 16 POUNDS. What the hell? Am I a failure as a cat mom if my cat is insanely obese?
Anyhoo, she's getting hippie canned food instead, and was way not interested when I first put it in her bowl - I think it was more of a not-knowing-what-it-is thing as opposed to a not-liking-it thing, because frankly, she's fat because she loves food. I got her to finally eat it by dipping some kitty treats she does like into it and having her eat them. Augh, I really am a person who dips kitty treats in cat food to get her cat to eat it. Sigh
• We had chicken Parmesan for dinner last night. It was sooo good and we hadn't had it for awhile. We also had some Trader Joe's whole wheat spaghetti with it, which was tastier than the usual whole wheat pasta.
• The Mister brought home flowers that were really awesome, even though they were purple. Aaaand when I went to take a picture of them, I realized they were right in front of my fun purple poster.

That's all.