Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!

I finally freaking finished making some curtains for friends. I made four, all about 54"x80", and they were pretty much a nightmare and took for-ever. But they're finished, so now I can go back to making fun (and small!) things. Right now I'm doctoring up a long-sleeved shirt that my sister gave me. the neck hole was too small, so I hacked at it and am re-sewing it into more of a boatneck. Next up on the project train? Christmas/holiday postcards, in which I can loudly proclaim my last (and first, for that matter) name to all of our friends and family. (This was inspired by the fact that Mister's friends [who are 30 - 30!!] sent us a card addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Mister'slastname". What the fuck? At least give me a first name, even if you didn't notice from our wedding thank you cards that I didnt' change my name! aaargh!)

Enough ranting about patriarchal norms. Gah.
Some pictures inspiring the postcards [i.e. me cheating and copying contrasted photos of us and printing them on my Gocco printer. Because, you know, who doesn't want a print of us for Christmas?]:


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