Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Rapists need love, too!

I've been reading the Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times for awhile. It's always depressing, usually dealing with the author being in love with someone who's either really into kicking puppies or has cancer or whatever. This week, the heartbreaking tale of woe was about a woman who met a man who was dealing with a rape charge (article here.) I was pretty creeped out afterwards, in that parts of it (and granted, she is definitely biased towards him being innocent as she's freaking dating him) just seemed icky and not cool on his part. And it made me want to know more about the case, but hell, I'm lazy and didn't know the time period or anything.
Thankfully, Gawker has the time and posted about it today (also here), so now I can see that yes, it is indeed insanely creepy to date some who has been charged with rape. Even if he's like, totally, a really nice guy with beestung lips!


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