Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Dare I say it? ... it's (acting like) spring!

My niece has nothing to do with this post. She's just cute, yo.
She is a spring baby, so I guess that counts...

Man oh man, how excited am I about the fact that it's finally nice out in Ann Arbor? We just got back from Lowe's (had some money on a gift card), where we got some potting soil and rocks for a....POT GARDEN! Okay, it's actually a "container garden", but calling it a pot garden is much funnier, especially when I reference it in casual conversation.

Anyhoo, once I'm done digesting my hummus (made this morning, I'm so channeling Martha Fucking Stewart today), gardening will commence. The poor mister had a fever yesterday and is feeling better, but not 100%, so the invalid may sit out on the porch with a blanket while I'm doing the work. And if planting finishes fairly quickly, I may be able to squeeze in some sewing also...


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