Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


This is my new favorite color combination. sigh.

My parents paid for a sewing class for my birthday, which is very exciting because I've only made one thing from a pattern (it was a skirt, when I was in college, and my sister did most of the work), so I'm pretty stoked about the class. I'm making a dress, and I had to put pockets on the front before I did anything else. I appliqu├ęd an ampersand [Ed: They're the up-and-coming hot shit these days, mark my words], though it's a wee bit high up and sort of large for the pocket...this is what happens when you wait until the last minute to get ready for the class, people. Anyhoo, I have the front and back (with zipper!) sewn, and have one more class to put in the sleeves and finish the rest.

The flowers were from the Mister, also for my brithday. I lurve ranunculus so much.


  • At 3:13 PM, Blogger Shay said…

    That's very exciting, I haven't sewn anything for real in years (mostly I only sew to repair things now) but making a whole outfit sounds very fun!


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