Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Cute Shit.

Nina is very sad that she has to stay in when I get to go out. Though she's lucky because we actually installed that there screen door just for her.

Not that my actual shit is cute. aaaaahahaha, that joke gets them every time, I swear.
Ahem. Anyhoo, the pot garden is doing well, though we've had to carry it inside a few times because it's been getting really cool at night. We made pesto with the 10 leaves of basil from the silly Dr. Suess-looking plant I somehow managed to keep alive all winter, and some salad with our lettuces. The Mister really likes his rocket/arugula, though I think that stuff tastes like shit (well, actually just rotten lettuce. Some guy at the farmer's market told the Mister that it's because I haven't had good rocket before, but that's not true, my tastebuds just don't get along with it).

I made some cards for the weddings we've been invited to this summer, so if you're getting married this summer, and invited us to your wedding, well, just pretend to be surprised when you open the envelope up, thanks.

They turned out well, I think. And considering they were made with fabric scraps, cardstock left over from my wedding and magazine pages, they don't look too homemade or I just have to paint picture frames and finish the prints I made for all of the brides and grooms.

Last cute shit thing...I have all these japanese lanterns that we never used for the wedding, and I had this vision of a bunch of them over the dining room table. The Mister put them up a few weeks ago, but they weren't exactly how I wanted them, so he tried again, and we realized that maybe I should just be doing it because I was giving him directions about making them look "organic" and "asymmetrical", and he doesn't know what those words mean. So I did and
now it's like we have a permanent collection of balloons in our apartment!

Okay, off to lounge or make more cute shit. Next up is more cards and putting fabric appliques on some onesies for our friends who are going to have a baby next month...