Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


I was admonished today by the man for not having posted anything lately, so here I am posting something. ppppbbhhtt. Not that anyone reads this besides me and the man himself, but hey, who's counting?

So my vacation started two nights ago, when I got into Ann Arbor. The big rickity-road trip starts on Wed., and hopefully I wil have some sort of photo-posting capabilities on this little fucker so my blog will be infintely more interesting than it is now, eh?

Alright, that's it for now. I have to go take a shower, and wander down to the post office to mail some stuff...


Two things

So we went to the White Sox game, because my roommate had some sweet box seat tickets from her job. But it rained and rained so the game was cancelled, buuut we did get to eat hot dogs and hot wings and salsa and the dessert cart as part of the deal. oh yes. Box seats rock.

On another note, my friend Kieran has a blog too! She lives in Seattle and is a real live linguist. Anyhoo, you should read her blog at:

Alright, people, that's it for now.


ooooh, welcome welcome welcome

Well, so this is it, kids.
I had just gotten home from work today, and I happened upon wilson phillips on tv, not singing their usual 15 year-old schlock, but covering 30-year-old schlock from the Eagles. Arrrrrgh. The worst possible combination Ever.