Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Oooh, monkeys!

Today is national Monkey Day. Who knew? The official site is here.


My new best friend!!

Is it okay to be BFF with inanimate objects? Namely, a Gocco printing press? (info on Goccos: Because it's totally my new best friend EVER.

I made our Christmas postcards as my first project. They were based on photos of the Mister and I that I traced and then drew with an ink pen.

That's it. My throat has been hurting all day, so I'm off to bed.

millions of us!


Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!

I finally freaking finished making some curtains for friends. I made four, all about 54"x80", and they were pretty much a nightmare and took for-ever. But they're finished, so now I can go back to making fun (and small!) things. Right now I'm doctoring up a long-sleeved shirt that my sister gave me. the neck hole was too small, so I hacked at it and am re-sewing it into more of a boatneck. Next up on the project train? Christmas/holiday postcards, in which I can loudly proclaim my last (and first, for that matter) name to all of our friends and family. (This was inspired by the fact that Mister's friends [who are 30 - 30!!] sent us a card addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Mister'slastname". What the fuck? At least give me a first name, even if you didn't notice from our wedding thank you cards that I didnt' change my name! aaargh!)

Enough ranting about patriarchal norms. Gah.
Some pictures inspiring the postcards [i.e. me cheating and copying contrasted photos of us and printing them on my Gocco printer. Because, you know, who doesn't want a print of us for Christmas?]: