Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


Thanksgiving in two pictures

1. The turkey cooked by the mister (after much debating about whether or not cooking a whole turkey or just the breast would be better...)

2. The newest niece! She kills me, six months old and high-larious. She chews on the ties from my sister's sweatshirt and it's just too fucking cute, augh.


I forgot to add that the Election has been won!

Yay! Maybe things will slide downhill a little slower at this point?

It's just getting darker and colder every damn day

I hate blogger and its stupid word processing non-abilities. (The pictures above look like a nightmare because it's so fucking hard to get the "layout" function to work. Sorry.) And I hate late fall, it's dark all the time, even during the day. Bah. At least the holidays are coming up, so I have a reasonable excuse to drink heavily.

I've been sewing a lot lately. This week I made new pillow covers, took apart and re-sewed some Ikea pillow covers, made a sewing machine cover (I like to cover things up, apparently), made a freaking bag (very exciting, though it's a little dumb looking), and made a little thread and scrap bag to put by the sewing machine (no pics right now of that one). It's all a run-up to me hemming these huge pieces of fabric to make cloth closet doors of sorts for our friends. It's sure to be a nightmare, as my "sewing in a straight line" abilites are somewhat questionable...

Here's a picture of our messy, messy apartment. I recovered the ugly black couch cushions,
they are now more pleasant greenish and blue colors. We have to actually "clean" this
weekend because my sister is coming into town. So, between getting drunk and high,
we'll be swiffering also...


Things that have been happening, and things I've been thinking about

I have too many damn photos of sunsets taken while I was riding on a train.

1. The mister is out of town for a few days at a conference, so it's just me and the cat. If I could, I would not leave the apartment until he came back (Wed. night), just to see if I would develop cabin fever. However, we're out of eggs and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

2. The mister's family has a message board of sorts, and I got into a big debate with the various anti-choice people in his family (namely, his father, his sister and her husband). I am weirdly proud of myself for having stood up and loudly proclaimed my values. I've been reading a lot of feminist blogging (I Blame the Patriarchy, and books (the complete history of women, which is this insanely long 3-book series. I just started the second one), and so I think I'm more aware of society's general insanity when it comes to women and feminism and all that shit. [side note: there's this online magazine/rag called "Sirens", which I found because the founder was also a big fan of "Sassy" magazine back in the day. Anyhoo, they have quite possibly the most typical, stupid, eye-rolling articles about the "post-feminist women", such as such gems like "Is Dieting Anti-Feminist?" or "Men Don't Suck", which is actually an article making it sound like poor men have been getting such a bad rap from us women, and we need to give them a break! And also, those damn feminists are so pro-women-should-be-in-charge, and men and women should be equal! Does she realize that the tenant of being feminist is equality for everyone? How is it someone who claims to be feminist buys into the bullshit that dumb people think being a feminist is? Gar.]

3. Tomorrow is Election Day! I have been going through stages of brief optimism followed by longer periods of guarded hope with some short spurts of dark bitterness while thinking about what's going to happen tomorrow. The seems to be easier, and I do remember how fucking disappointed I was in 2004, precisely because I had been so optimistic and certain that there was no way Bush could get re-elected. And also, Karl Rove has been going on about his secret polls, which could very well be bullshit, but the man is pretty smart. So we'll see.

That's about it.