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Yo assholes, stay out of my uterus

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

Today is the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and in the spirit of man-hating feminists everywhere, I am posting on this blog to voice my support of the pro-choice movement.

So yeah, yay women having control of their bodies and boo losers who think they shouldn't. (sorry for the lame "why I'm pro-choice" sentence, but frankly, if you aren't pro-choice, then ack, I just don't have the patience to slooowly explain to you why women are peoples too and should actually be allowed to make choices over their own fucking bodies, instead of being purely baby-making machines for the menfolk/patriarchy.)

I've been reading "Pregnancy and Power", an overview of reproductive politics in the U.S. It's really good, though insanely depressing (White Americans were trying to populate the country with as many white babies as possible? No shit!). I am also a regular reader of "I Blame the Patriarchy", the blame-iest website on all of the internets. Read it! And death to the patriarchy!


University of Illinois - mildly retarded?

Back in 1982, during the halcyon days of morally questionable acts, a Sioux tribal leader gave U of I a traditional Sioux outfit, and well, now his family wants it back. And the University board isn't quite sure what to do about it, like they haven't been quite sure if the Chief is a bad idea for a mascot, and for the University as a whole.

Here's the deal. If the University actually got rid of the Chief as a mascot (and hopefully replaced it with a giant ear of corn - phallic and fitting!), people would learn how to deal with it, and in a few years, they wouldn't care anymore. The more the University lets pro-chief people bitch and moan, the more it makes them seem like they actually have a valid point. Which they don't. (I won't even get into my theory of how the campus has become more rabidly pro-chief, simply because the anti-chief groups are so annoying....)

I'm quite excited about this happening, actually, because so many of the pro-chiefers claim that since a Sioux tribe supports their idiotic and racist ideas, it's totally okay to do it. Not having the permission of "real" American Indians should piss them off a little bit, I'm hoping?


Rapists need love, too!

I've been reading the Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times for awhile. It's always depressing, usually dealing with the author being in love with someone who's either really into kicking puppies or has cancer or whatever. This week, the heartbreaking tale of woe was about a woman who met a man who was dealing with a rape charge (article here.) I was pretty creeped out afterwards, in that parts of it (and granted, she is definitely biased towards him being innocent as she's freaking dating him) just seemed icky and not cool on his part. And it made me want to know more about the case, but hell, I'm lazy and didn't know the time period or anything.
Thankfully, Gawker has the time and posted about it today (also here), so now I can see that yes, it is indeed insanely creepy to date some who has been charged with rape. Even if he's like, totally, a really nice guy with beestung lips!


back to suckville

The fucking holidays came and went (not too bad, though a bit boozy...), and we're back in the A-A, and well, that's about it. A few exciting things on the docket this week are:

• Call my old gym and see if I can get a month-to-month membership
• Type and submit lesson plans for art classes I will be starting to teach in two weeks
• See if aaaanyone in SE Michigan wants to hire me to do anything (legal, that is.)
• Make green pea soup
• Actually start sewing again

Okay, so none of those qualified as "exciting", but meh, that's January for you: a giant ball of suck.