Cheese and Monkeys

Everyone loves cheese and/or monkeys. There is no one who hates both cheese and monkeys. This is the eternal truth.


This is my new favorite color combination. sigh.

My parents paid for a sewing class for my birthday, which is very exciting because I've only made one thing from a pattern (it was a skirt, when I was in college, and my sister did most of the work), so I'm pretty stoked about the class. I'm making a dress, and I had to put pockets on the front before I did anything else. I appliqu├ęd an ampersand [Ed: They're the up-and-coming hot shit these days, mark my words], though it's a wee bit high up and sort of large for the pocket...this is what happens when you wait until the last minute to get ready for the class, people. Anyhoo, I have the front and back (with zipper!) sewn, and have one more class to put in the sleeves and finish the rest.

The flowers were from the Mister, also for my brithday. I lurve ranunculus so much.


There's no place like a circus

now that's a fucking cute kitty right there

Ooog. My little sister's in town, so we decided to celebrate my birthday for a fourth time (this is why I love my birthday - if you milk it right, you can have people going out with you for a full month in celebration), and decided to do it at Circus, a lovely bar with a lethal combination of 55-cent cans of PBR and karaoke. Let's just say it started with a little Captain and Tenille and ended with a little Bonnie Tyler. And then for some reason [Ed: Reason actually being someone bought me some damn whiskey], we went to the EightBall, diviest bar ever, and then the Fleetwood, dineriesty diner ever, and waited two fucking hours to eat crappy greasy food - at this point I was so wasted I had no idea it had been a two hour wait until the Mister told me this morning. Oy.

Anyhoo, I'm somehow still alive. I have to stop this drinking nonsense. You'd think I was freaking 19 or some shit. Though, one good thing that happened last night is that I learned how to do the Sleepy Kitten dance. aaaaw. Also, when I hopped onto the internets this morning [Ed: this afternoon], I found at the blog of Hilarity Ann Arbor is Overrated the beginnings of a blog war with someone who yammers on about finding herself a man and goes to church. So totally awesome, my hangover is now cured...


me=sewing fucking zombie

I haven't been on here for a bit - because I've been waaay too busy. Ha. No, really, I went to Chicago and drank heavily for 48 hours straight, came back here and got sick, had my birthday and had my mom visit (not necessarily in that order), and now we're getting ready for another visit, this time from the Mister's mom and sister. It should be fun, lots more eating out, and we all know what a fantastic place Ann Arbor is to eat out in.
Anyhoooo, some sewing things that I finished last week:

We have a new couch, oh yeah! Here are the numerous stages, from horrific to actually-pretty-cute!, in two parts...

1. The couch with a cover and recovered pillows (covers made from extra curtain material and an old cloth shower curtain my mom didnt' want anymore.) Soooo boring:

2. New and improved! I got the farbric for Christmas - it's from Ikea and sooo freaking cute I can't stand it!

And here are some funny animals I made for various nieces and nephew and friends:


The only date you'll ever need to know? March 13.

Tulips and valentines and Rock-Chalk-JayHawks.

The beginning of March is my favorite time of year: My birthday is two weeks away, January and February are over (fucking finally), and a month from now, it'll actually be warm and spring-like again (perfect for getting drunk outside)!

Until then, I'll be holed up in our apartment, like usual, trying sew things, looking for a job, and getting ready to suck up my pride and go be a substitute teacher for once and for all. Sigh.